Sunday, August 19, 2012

Zaxxon family tree and crest

Zaxxon Family Crest

The motto is Latin for "Kindness above all".

Zaxxon Family Tree

Sims 2 Legacy Challenge Part 3

A couple of days after Chloe and Sabrina's birth, Adam and Drake moved to university. Instead of living in a dorm like everyone else, the twins and their girlfriends rented a small house.

From left to right: Adam, Adam's girlfriend Kimberly, Drake's girlfriend, Scarlett, and Drake. 
Adam and Kimberly are Alchemy majors. Drake is majoring in Sports Studies, and Scarlett is majoring in performance art.

Chloe and Sabrina are now toddlers


Chloe is very musical she love singing the nursery rhyme and playing the xylophone. Sabrina is very playful. She like riding the spring rider and playing with blocks.

Chloe and Sabrina have a birthday.

Mimi has planned a huge party for Chloe and Sabrina. Mimi wants the girls to go to private school, but Donya wants Chloe to got to public school. Sabrina said that she wants to go to school with Chloe since they are BFFs, so they both are now enrolled in public school. Chloe reminds Mimi of Bella because she loves fashion and music. Sabrina reminds Mimi of Justy because she is very playful, but she is obsessed with the playground instead of Justy's old train set. The girls are always seen together. They wanted to share a bedroom so Donya and Zora let them stay in Alexa's and Zora's old room in Zaxxon house. They are currently planning a big slumber party. 

Justy recently passed away from disease, but Mimi thinks he really died of sadness wanting to be reunited with Bethany. Although Mimi is saddened by Justy's death, the girls always cheer her up.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Sims 2 Legacy Challenge Part 2

Adam and Drake are now teens.

Adam still idolizes his grandma. He has taken a job in Alchemy. He is kind and a little shy. His brother Drake is the only one who can get him out of his shell. Drake still has only sports on his mind. He's on the school football team and practices at home any chance he gets. Since their parents died of old age, Mimi has to take care of them now.

The twins fall in love.

Adam and Drake were hanging out at their favorite club Mindbender. Adam saw a girl from his school named Kimberly who he has a crush on. He told his brother what he thinks he should do. "Just ask her to dance." was his reply. So he did, and she said yes. The two are now going steady. Drake was playing pool when he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen walk through the door. He had to go up and talk to her, so he dropped his cue and walked over to her as smooth as possible. It turns out her name is Scarlett Sevin. Drake had never met her because she was a public school student. After talking and dancing for a while, Scarlett said "Are you going to kiss me or what?". Then Drake got his first kiss. Drake and Scarlett are going steady now. 

The Zaxxon family just celebrated a double wedding.

Twins Merlin and Zora have done everything together their whole lives. They graduated from college at the same time. They moved back home at the same time. Now, they have decided to get married 
on the same day.

Merlin's and Donya's Wedding

Zora's and Sebastian's wedding:

Both Donya and Zora are expecting honeymoon babies. :) Everyone in the family wonders who will give birth first.

Both Donya and Zora have given birth on the same day.

Donya gave birth to baby Chloe at 2:38 a.m. on a wednesday. She's such a cutie. Everyone thinks she looks just like her mommy.

Then at 4:12 on the same day Zora gave birth to Baby Sabrina. Everyone says she looks like her daddy.

The Zaxxon family is now mourning the loss of Bethany who was struck by lightning and died two days before she was supposed to age up to elder. Justy is so sad. He had just retired from his job a week ago so that he and Bethany would have more time to spend together. Mimi helps Zora and Donya take care of the babies while they are at work. Adam and Drake will be moving to university in a couple of days. Until then, they are applying for scholarships, and Drake is trying to improve his grades.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sims 2 100 Baby Challenge: Babies 16-30

Sims 2 100 Baby Challenge

Babies 16-30

Baby Petula is born.

The girls rejoice at the birth of their baby sister, named Petula. Luso, on the other hand, is quite distraught about not getting the baby brother he wanted. Petula is Ameris's sixteenth child so far. Now Ameris will have to take care of both an infant and a toddler again.

Ovelia is a Child.

Ovelia's birthday is finally here. She has become a pretty, but stubborn child. Her nickname around the house is Princess Ovelia because she thinks she is the boss of all the other kids.

Petula is now a toddler.

A big birthday party is in order as Petula ages up. Now as a toddler, Petula's personality has definitely come out more. She is sweet and extroverted and thinks that she is the same age as her sister Ovelia.

Nicola is a teenager.

Since Nicola is a teenager, she can help around the house more. Milena and Luso are leaving for college tomorrow, so Nicola must take over the responsibilities that the twins had. Will she be able to handle as much responsibility as the twins?

Baby Quinn is born.

The day after Petula's transition from toddler to child, Ameris gave birth to another girl, baby Quinn. Everyone thinks that it's so odd that Ameris has been having baby girls lately. Ameris wonders if she will ever have a boy again.

Ovelia is a teen.

Ovelia is finally a teenager. Nicola is so happy now that she can go to college. Ovelia must put her abstinence aside now that she has to help Ameris take care of her little sisters.

It's Quinn's Birthday!

Since Quinn is now a toddler, it seems that Ovelia has taken a liking to her. She thinks Quinn shares certain personality traits with her.

Petula is a teenager.

It's Petula's birthday today. Now that she's a teenager, she gets to help Ovelia with Quinn. Ameris is pregnant with her eighteenth child. Ovelia plans to postpone going to university until Quinn's birthday.

Two birthdays on the same day.

Quinn got a great present for her birthday, a little sister. Ameris had another girl and named her Ramona. Somehow the pictures of Ramona as a baby and a toddler have been lost. I will try to find therm. Ovelia decided to delay university as long as possible. She isn't really keen on the whole university idea, but Ameris is making her go.

Another baby is born. Meet baby Samara.

Ovelia has put herself in charge of taking care of the new baby. She always tells her mother that when she takes Quinn for a stroll in the park, everyone thinks Quinn is her child. Everyone says the Ovelia and Samara look so much alike, but Ameris doesn't see it. Ovelia is planning on going to college in a couple of days, but she is planning weekend visits to see how Quinn and Samara are doing.

Ramona is a child.

Ramona had a birthday today. Ovelia recently left for college, so Petula is finally in charge of her little sisters. Ramona is rebellious and loud. She is really charismatic as well.

Samara is a toddler.

Samara is finally a toddler. Ovelia still comes home every weekend to check on her favorite little sister. With her dark hair, she looks less like Ovelia though.

Quinn is a teen.

Quinn's birthday was today. Petula is now able to go to university. Quinn is not as stubborn and bossy as her big sister Ovelia, but their personality are very similar. 

Samara is a child.

It's Samara's birthday today. Samara is very playful and quite shy. Her best friend is her big sisters Ovelia and Ramona. 

Twins Tyler and Una are born.

Ameris and Quinn have their hands full with the birth of twins Tyler and Una. Ameris is overjoyed that she has finally had another baby boy. With Ramona aging up soon, Ameris and Quinn need all the help they can get.

Ramona is now a teenager.

Now that Ramona is a teenager, she can help Quinn take care of her baby brother and sisters. Ramona's personality hasn't changed too much now that she's older. She's still as rebellious and loud as she was as a child if not more so. She has gotten even more charismatic with time and has plenty of friends.

The twins have a birthday.

Now that the twins are toddlers, Quinn decides to go to college and leave Ramona with the responsibility of helping Ameris take care of the twins. The twins are different as day and night. Tyler is so outgoing while Una is quiet and shy. They are even different in appearance.

Samara is a teenager now.

Now that Samara is a teenager, she wants to live with her big sister Ovelia who recently graduated from university. Unfortunately, Ameris feels that she needs Samara's help to take care of the twins and let Ramona go to university.

Baby Victoria is born.

The twins now have a baby sister. Samara is begrudgingly taking care of her toddler brother and sister. She complains everyday that she wants to live with Ovelia. Ameris wonders if Samara will ever grow up.

It's the twins' birthday!

Now that the twins are children, their differences are even more apparent. Tyler doesn't care about school or studying while Una makes straight A's. Tyler's idea of a fun day would be going to the park and playing baseball or basketball. Una's idea of a fun day would be staying at home playing chess or reading a book.

Victoria is a toddler.

Today is Victoria's birthday and she is now a toddler. Only one word comes to mind when describing Victoria: girly. Ameris believes that she takes after her sister Bella.

Baby Wendolyn is born.

Lucky baby number twenty-three is finally here. Ameris gives birth to another girl she named Wendolyn. Ameris is contemplating taking a break from having so many babies. It can get exhausting!

Victoria is a child.

Now that Victoria is a child, she is even more girly than ever. She is always seen brushing her bouncy curls and sneaking into Ameris's makeup kit. Her big sister Samara helps her put on makeup. Last time she tried to do it herself, she put purple eye shadow on her cheeks. Everyone laughed as she did look a bit clownish.

The twins have a birthday.

The twins are teenagers now which means Samara gets to move to university. She already has plans on rushing her big sister Ovelia's sorority. She really idolizes her. Tyler has gotten quite popular and is on every sports team the school has except soccer. Una is still very intelligent. She has gotten into computers lately and is president of the computer club at school. Tyler wants to be a professional athlete while Una wants to be a computer programmer.

Wendolyn is a toddler.

Wendolyn had a birthday today. She is a precocious toddler. Ameris and Una definitely have their hands full with this little girl.

Baby Xavier is born.

Ameris finally has given birth to another baby boy named Xavier. A new baby means even more responsibility for Una who has been neglected her after school activities so that she can help Ameris.

Wendolyn is a child.

Wendolyn, now a child, is more precocious than ever. She even has a schoolgirl crush on one of Tyler's friends Lucas. Since he is a teenager and she is only a child, he never even notices her. She cut out a picture of him out of Tyler's yearbook and kisses it every night.

Xavier is a toddler.

Xavier had a birthday today. Xavier is a cute toddler who is quite curious. He's always up something mischievous from playing in the toilet to hiding in his sisters' room. There's never a dull moment with him around.

Baby Yuna is born

Ameris gave birth to her twenty-fifth baby today. She named her Yuna after her big sister Una who has been such a help to Ameris.

Wendolyn is a teenager.

Today is Wendolyn's birthday. Now that she's a teenager, she has decided that her aspiration will be romance. She has many boyfriends and has less time to help Ameris out since the twins went to university.

Yuna is a toddler.

Yuna just had a birthday today. She really takes after her namesake. They have very similar personalities. They are both quiet and shy. Una comes home from college every once and a while to visit with Ameris and her younger siblings. Yuna has really taken a liking to her.

Xavier is a child.

Now that Xavier is a child, he has taken after his big brother Tyler. He loves anything to do with sports. His favorite sport is football. He just made the team at his school.

Baby Zack is born.

It's a boy! Ameris has given birth to another boy named Zack. Zack is Ameris's twenty-sixth baby. She wonders if she'll ever be able to stop.

Yuna is a child.

It's Yuna's birthday, she has aged up and is now a child. Xavier hoped that Yuna would be his friend, but their too different. They don't have anything in common. Ameris thinks that they remind her of twins Tyler and Una.

Zack is a toddler.

Zack's birthday is here! Now that Zack is a toddler, he's learning to walk and talk and use the potty. Zack seems more like Yuna than his brother. He is very smart. He loves playing with the logic blocks.

Xavier is a teen.

Now that Xavier is a teen, He'll have to take more responsibilities. Wendolyn plans to leave for college in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, she is teaching Xavier how to take care of small children.

Zack is a child.

It's Zack's birthday and he has become a good friend for Yuna. They both like the same things. They play chess and mah jong and read books to each other. Ameris thinks that Zack reminds her of Jordan.

Yuna is a teenager.

Ameris is amazed that Yuna really favors her. The only thing that reminds her of Yuna's dad is her brown eyes. Yuna has lots of friends, but likes to stay home and spend time with her little sisters and brother.

Baby Ali is born.

Ameris gave birth to her twenty-seventh baby today. She named him Ali. Yuna's birthday was the day before Ali was born. With two teens in the house, Wendolyn decides to go to college in a couple of days.

Ali is a toddler.

Ali is smart and outgoing. He loves to play on the spring rider and with the activity table. Ameris is proud of Yuna for the dropping everything and helping her since Xavier moved to college.

Zack is a teenager.

Since Zack is a teenager, his and Yuna's friendship has gotten much stronger. They are always seen together. People who do not know they are brother and sister ask Zack if Yuna is his girlfriend.

Twins Brody and Cody are born.

Ameris gave birth to identical twin boys she named Brody and Cody. Holding Cody in the picture is Yuna who everyone thinks looks just like her mom.

Ali is a child.

Now that Ali is a child, he idolizes his big brother Zack. He follows him everywhere, but his love of sports remind Ameris of his big brothers Tyler and Xavier.

Brody and Cody are toddlers.

The twin toddlers look so much alike that Zack can't tell which one is which. Ameris remedies the situation by dressing them in different outfits. Yuna has just left for college, and Zack is having a hard time adjusting to  the role of caretaker.

Baby Delphine is born.

Ameris gives birth to her thirtieth baby, a baby girl she named Delphine.