Friday, August 17, 2012

Sims 2 Legacy Challenge Part 2

Adam and Drake are now teens.

Adam still idolizes his grandma. He has taken a job in Alchemy. He is kind and a little shy. His brother Drake is the only one who can get him out of his shell. Drake still has only sports on his mind. He's on the school football team and practices at home any chance he gets. Since their parents died of old age, Mimi has to take care of them now.

The twins fall in love.

Adam and Drake were hanging out at their favorite club Mindbender. Adam saw a girl from his school named Kimberly who he has a crush on. He told his brother what he thinks he should do. "Just ask her to dance." was his reply. So he did, and she said yes. The two are now going steady. Drake was playing pool when he saw the most beautiful girl he had ever seen walk through the door. He had to go up and talk to her, so he dropped his cue and walked over to her as smooth as possible. It turns out her name is Scarlett Sevin. Drake had never met her because she was a public school student. After talking and dancing for a while, Scarlett said "Are you going to kiss me or what?". Then Drake got his first kiss. Drake and Scarlett are going steady now. 

The Zaxxon family just celebrated a double wedding.

Twins Merlin and Zora have done everything together their whole lives. They graduated from college at the same time. They moved back home at the same time. Now, they have decided to get married 
on the same day.

Merlin's and Donya's Wedding

Zora's and Sebastian's wedding:

Both Donya and Zora are expecting honeymoon babies. :) Everyone in the family wonders who will give birth first.

Both Donya and Zora have given birth on the same day.

Donya gave birth to baby Chloe at 2:38 a.m. on a wednesday. She's such a cutie. Everyone thinks she looks just like her mommy.

Then at 4:12 on the same day Zora gave birth to Baby Sabrina. Everyone says she looks like her daddy.

The Zaxxon family is now mourning the loss of Bethany who was struck by lightning and died two days before she was supposed to age up to elder. Justy is so sad. He had just retired from his job a week ago so that he and Bethany would have more time to spend together. Mimi helps Zora and Donya take care of the babies while they are at work. Adam and Drake will be moving to university in a couple of days. Until then, they are applying for scholarships, and Drake is trying to improve his grades.

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