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Sims 2 100 Baby Challenge Babies 1-15

Sim's 2 100 baby Challenge

Attempted by Mimi

This seemed like a difficult challenge, but since i love a good challenge, I thought I would try it.

Meet Ameris Oaks.

Ameris has just used most of her funds to purchase a modest home in Celestia Beach. Because she is a family sim, Ameris wants to have as many children as possible. Can Ameris rise to challenge and have 100 babies? Will she be able to survive starting out with only 1000 simoleans? Updates will be posted later.

Ameris builds a relationship with dad #1 Trent.

When Ameris's Neighbor Trent knocked on the door to introduce himself, she felt an immediate chemistry. They started out talking and joking around and ended up kissing and making out. Ameris has already chosen him to be the father of her first baby.

Ameris works as a DJ.

Ameris goes to the hub to earn money as a DJ. While at the DJ Booth she spots Benjamin Long admiring her. She wonders if he will be Dad #2.

Ameris is pregnant with baby # 1.

Ameris finally persuaded Trent to try for baby.  Ameris has just entered her second trimester. She is looking forward to her first child.

Ameris wins her first cooking contest.

With a fresh onslaught of bills and her paintings not selling as well as she hoped, Ameris studies cooking and wins a cooking contest with her recipe for grandma's comfort soup.

Ameris rushes to the Hospital.

When Ameris felt her first contraction, she rushed to the hospital awaiting the birth of her first child. Trent visits Ameris and gives his support.

Ameris gives birth to baby Agrias.

After hours of labor, baby Agrias was born. After a day in the hospital, Ameris was finally able to bring her baby girl home.

Ameris and Tro go decide to give it a go.

The next day, while tending to her yard, Ameris sees Troy Go walk by. She knows that he will be the father of her next child. She does her best to woo him and finally gets him to agree to try for baby.

Agrias has a birthday.

It's time for Agrias to age up! Ameris is already pregnant with baby #2 by Troy Go.

Agrias is now a toddler.

Agrias aged up to toddler. Isn't she cute? With a little brother or sister on the way, Agrias needs to learn how to talk, walk, and use the potty before Ameris gives birth.

Baby Bella is born!

With not enough time to go to the hospital, Baby Bella, baby number 2, was born at home.

Agrias has a birthday and is now a child!

Agrias finally grew out of her toddler phase into a child. She is an exceptional student and even got into private school. Ameris feels that Agrias is wise beyond her years. Agrias love to read, especially books about adventure. She hopes to become an adventurer someday.

Eww! Morning Sickness!

After Agrias's birthday party, Ameris suffers from a bout a morning sickness. That means she's pregnant with baby #3 by her new love, Gordon Danaher.

Bella becomes a toddler!

Bella's birthday is finally here! A pregnant Ameris helps baby Bella blow out her candles, then Bella becomes a toddler.

Baby Cidolfus is born!

After hours of grueling labor, Ameris gives birth to her first son, Cidolfus. Agrias is very happy to finally have a brother. Bella is not so much. She misses the attention she used to get from her Mommy.

Bella has a birthday bash!

Bella has a big birthday party and grows to be a mischievous little child. She wants to be a singer/model. Bella always uses the dining table as a stage so she can practice her runway walk. She also uses a hairbrush as a microphone so that she can sing along with her favorite songs.

Ameris reunites with Benjamin Long.

When Bella became a child, Ameris invited Benjamin Long to her birthday party. After the party, she asks him to stay a little longer. They end up trying for baby.

Cidolfus has a birthday party!

Finally, Cidolfus is now a toddler. A birthday celebration is now in order. Ameris tells Agrias and Bella that they may only invite two friends each. Everyone is so excited. At the time, Ameris was very pregnant with Benjamin Long's baby.

Twins Dulcinea and Electra are born.

Not long after Cidolfus became a child, Ameris gave birth to twin baby girls, Dulcinea and Electra. Agrias takes a liking to Electra and takes care of her like she is her own.

Dulcinea and Electra become toddlers!

While pregnant with another baby, Ameris and the kids celebrate the twins' birthday. Agrias is becoming more attached to Electra every day. When she takes her to play in the park, people mistake Agrias as Electra's mom. She takes it as a compliment because they do look somewhat alike.

Baby Flynn is born.

Ameris then has another baby Flynn by William Williamson, her college aged boyfriend. With so many young ones to care for, Ameris asks Agrias to help.

Agrias finally finds love.

Agrias met Lucas Artemis at school when she was assigned to be his lab partner. They have been inseparable ever since. Agrias dreams of going to college, becoming an adventurer, and one day, having a family of her own.

Agrias takes care of her brother and sisters.

Raising twin toddlers and an infant is keeping Ameris very busy. Agrias has stepped up to take care of her brother Cidolfus and her sister Bella. She makes their breakfast and school lunch and makes sure they get on the school bus every day. She even quit her after school job as an adventurer so she could babysit Cidolfus and Bella after they get home from school and make sure they do their homework. Ameris is quite proud.

Agrias goes to college and baby Gavin is born.

After Bella's birthday, Agrias finally got to go to college, and Bella took on the role as babysitter. She now spends much of her time taking care of Cidolfus and twins Dulcinea and Electra. Ameris had been seeing Toby Otaku for a while when she got pregnant by him. She has just given birth to Gavin, her sixth child. Cidolfus and Electra are very excited about their new little brother.

Not another one! Baby Helena is born.

When Ameris told Bella, Cidolfus, Dulcinea, Electra, and Flynn the news that she was having another baby. Bella and Dulicnea's relpy was "Not another one!". Cidolfus and Electra were very excited about the new baby, though. All Flynn had to say was bubba bubba. Electra translated that phrase to mean that he wanted a brother. Bella griped about how she'll never get to go to college, but Ameris assured her that Cidolfus's birthday was only two days away; and then she could go to college. Bella then cheered up. Finally, baby Helena was born. Electra said that Flynn was disappointed about not having a brother. Dulcinea told Flynn to get over it. Ameris is contemplating about taking a break untill the twin become teenagers.

Flynn and Gavin age up and Bella goes to college.

Flynn and Gavin finally became children. Flynn aged up first. Then two days later, Gavin became a child too. Bella finally got to go to college, and Cidolfus took her place caring for his siblings.

Electra and Dulcinea become teens and Cidolfus goes to college.

Electra (on the left) and Dulcinea (on the right) finally became teenagers. Dulcinea refused to help with her younger siblings, so Electra helped out. Despite Electra's tough, punk appearance, she is really kind and enjoys taking care of her brothers Flynn and Gavin.

Helna has a birthday.

Helena's birthday is finally here. Things are becoming tense in the house since Dulcinea and Electra became teenagers. They argue and fight all the time. Who would have thought that such best friends as children could be unable to stand each other as teens?

Baby Isaac is born.

Ameris spent weeks building a relationship with Matthew Hart. Finally, the day before Helena's birthday, they decided to try for baby. Not long afterward, baby Isaac was born. Ameris is considering the options for her next baby's father. She has a want of have 10 children that she really wants to fulfill.

Ameris builds a relationship with Frances J.

While at the mini-mall shopping for clothes for the kids, Ameris spots Frances J. Worthington III eating lunch in the restaurant next door. She pays for the clothes  and hurries to the restaurant. She sits at the table beside him flirting with him. When she got up to leave, he ran over and asked her out. She hopes he'll agree to try for baby so he can be father of baby # 10.

Isaac is a toddler.

It wasn't long until Isaac's birthday was here. Ameris already pregnant with baby number 10 helps him blow out the candles.

Helena has a birthday.

Not long after Isaac's birthday, Ameris and family celbrated Helena's birthday. She is now a child.

Flynn aged up to teen.

Flynn's birthday is here. A huge party was planned and Flynn became a teenager. He received an old junk car for his birthday. It didn't take long for him to get it looking and running like new. He is really good at fixing things.

Twins Jordan and Kate are born.

A couple days after Electra and Dulcinea moved to college, Ameris gave birth to twins, baby Jordan and baby Kate. With so many babies in the house, Ameris asks Flynn to lend a hand. Gavin is glad because the twins were born on his birthday.

Isaac becomes a child

Finally Isaac is a child. He looks so much like his mom. Isn't he a cutie?

3 birthdays in one day.

  Gavin became a teen. Jordan and Kate became toddlers. They are so sweet.

Helena has a birthday and twins Luso and Milena are born.

Not long after, Jordan and Kate's birthday, Helena celebrated her own birthday. With a new teen in the house, Flynn finally got to go to college. A couple of days after Helena's birthday, Ameris gave birth to twins again, a boy named Luso and a girl named Milena.

Jordan and Kate Have a birthday.

Jordan and Kate are finally kids. Jordan is very smart and loves to play video games and chess. Kate is really creative. She loves to paint and play the piano.

Birthdays all around!

First, Isaac celebrated his birthday and aged up to teen. Soon after, Gavin joined his brother Flynn at college. The next day, the twins had their birthday. Little Luso and Milena are now toddlers.

Jordan and Kate are teens.

Kate and Jordan are finally teens. Soon after their birthday, Helena and Isaac moved to college. Kate is really good with Luso and Milena. She wants to be a teacher someday. Jordan hasn't changed much at all. He still loves to play video games and chess. He especially likes war games.

Luso and Milena have a birthday.

Finally, it is time for Luso and Milena's birthday. Now they are children at last. Luso is playful and friendly. He likes to juggle and play with his toys. Milena is smart and likes nature activities like gardening and fishing.

Baby Nicola is here!

Ameris gave birth to her fourteenth child today. Everyone is very excited about the new baby named Nicola.

 Nicola has a birthday.

Today is Nicola's birthday. Now that she is a toddler, Ameris can finally get more sleep at night. Unfortunately, She has recently become pregnant with baby number fifteen.

Baby Ovelia is born.

Ameris finally gave birth to her fifteenth baby who she named Ovelia. The whole family is very excited about the new addition to the household. Jordan left for college two days ago, but Kate decided to stay and help out her mom.

Luso and Milena are teenagers.

It's Luso and Milena's birthday. Finally, Kate can join her twin brother at college. Luso is charismatic and brave. Milena is shy but kind. They are best friends.

Nicola's birthday is here!

Nicola is now a child. She is sweet and outgoing. She has lots of friends.

Ovela is a toddler.

It's Ovelia's birthday. Ameris is already in the second trimester of her pregnancy. The girls want another sister, but Luso wants a brother. He says that there are too many girls in the house already.

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