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Sims 2 Zombie Apocalypse Challenge

Sims 2 Zombie Apocalypse Challenge

Attempted by: Mimi
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Only few survivors remain.\

As far as I know, there are only ten of us braving the constant zombie attacks which plague our small town of Lesalia Valley. Here is some information about us, those who survived to tell the tale.

First, let's start out with me.

My name is Milena Loxley, and I've lived in Lesalia Valley all my life. It used to be such a beautiful place, but now it has become a desolate wasteland. I had a husband who I loved very much, but unfortunately he was infected. When he tried to attack me, I had to defend myself. Anyway, there wasn't much of my husband left in that "thing". It was mainly his body reanimated without a mind. Since the infection broke out, I've been training with my sais to help defend myself against any attacker. I recently left my home in search of other survivors.

The first survivor I met was a man named Sebastian Wharton.

I saw him fighting through a crowd of zombies. His katana skills were very impressive. We joined up to fight the zombies together. He told me that he used to live in a town called Pleasentview, but he had to move here because of his job. He was a chemist and was sent here to find a cure for the infection. He told me one morning as he awoke in his new house, a swarm of zombies were creeping towards him. He grabbed his katana and fought for his life. He was also in search of survivors. So, we left together in search of survivors. It wasn't long until we found more.

I can't believe our luck. We met two more survivors today.

We were passing by an old boarding school today when we met up with Lavian and Katie Hollis. Lavian told me that when she heard about the outbreak, she rushed all the way to her daughter Katie's boarding school to make sure she was all right. She found Katie crouching in a corner with a loaded assault rifle in her hands. When Katie finally recognized her mom, she gave her a big hug. Katie told us that most of the kids were gone for spring holiday, so only she and two other students and one teacher were there. The teacher and the other students became infected, so Katie had to kill them in self defense. Since the boarding school was empty and had a lot of room, we moved in and made it our base. Lavian is a master archer. She keeps watch at night. She vows not to kill any zombies. She told us she had invented a cure and she puts it on the tips of her arrows. She hasn't cured any zombies yet, but she refuses to lose hope.

A week passed. Then we met even more survivors.

  Lavian and I were searching some old row house apartments when this little boy came up to us begging for food and water. We took pity on him and gave him most of our supplies for the day. We asked the boy if he was the only one living there. He told us that he was with his father and rushed to bring him out so that we could meet him. This man appears from the door dressed like a ninja with a large scar running down his face. He tells us his name is Jonathan Millender and his son's name is Joey. They have been stuck at the row houses ever since the outbreak and feared that they were the only two who survived. They both looked very tired and hungry so we invited them to live with all the other survivors at the boarding school. They gladly accepted. Jonathan is skilled with his hidden blades. He can kill a zombie faster than anyone I've ever seen.

Three days later, we hear a cry of help from a fellow survivor.

I rushed down to calm her down. She told me her name is Samantha Ottamas and she had been chased by a swarm of zombies. I tell her to run inside and called for backup. As soon as everyone arrives, the zombies are at our doorstep. We fended them off and finally killed the last one. After that I talked to Samantha. She told me that she was looking for her kids. It seems that her husband get infected and run off with them. I told her that we will do our best to find them. I was amazed of how she outran all the zombies. She looked like she was at least eight months pregnant with no means of protecting herself.

Lavian brings another survivor to the boarding school.

Lavian returns from the hunt with a young girl dressed in gypsy clothes. Lavian introduces her as Ginger Newson. Ginger tells us that her two brothers and her little sister were infected. She has been searching for her toddler brother and sister but had no luck finding them. She's afraid that her infected siblings killed them. What a shame. They're only toddlers! Ginger tells us that she has the gift of magic, and that is how she could defend herself. She had been camped out in an abandoned clothing store when Lavian found her. We all welcome her to our base and tell her that she can stay as long as she likes.

Ginger tells us how the outbreak began.

Ginger told us, "A while back, a new family moved to Lesalia Valley named the Travelers. This family had been to many foreign lands and were ready to settle down here. They were Trent and Trisha, who were husband and wife; and their little girl Tina. One day, Trisha became very ill and soon died. Shortly after she died, her body was reanimated. Unfortunately for the Travelers, Trisha had not returned to them. She was merely a zombie lacking any of Trisha's intelligence and personality. Soon after, Trent was infected and then spread the infection to his daughter. They left the house to scavenge at night but had no luck. Then one day, Tina showed up at Nathan Gavigan's door dressed in her girl scout outfit. She told him, 'You buy cookies!'. At that moment, Nathan's wife Mary entered the room. Tina quickly burst through the door and attacked Mary. Mary was then infected, and then she infected her husband. From there, it spread. The more people who were infected, the quicker the infection spread. That is how it all got started, with a knock on the door."

More Zombies attack.

Katie was keeping the morning watch when she was surprised by two zombies. She quickly grabbed her rifle and dispatched them. Unfortunately, that was only the beginning. Soon more came, and Katie called for help. So we sent Samantha and Joey to the safe room and proceeded to launch a full scale attack. By the end of the day, the only thing that remained were bloodstains on the ground and zombie ashes.

Samantha becomes infected.

Unbeknownst to the rest of us, Samantha did not go to the safe room with Joey that day. She went to the backyard to help fight off the zombie siege. She then fell sick. We nursed her for four days, then she died. She became a zombie and charged after Sebastian. Sebastian was forced to kill her. We were all heartbroken. We had a small ceremony and buried her ashes at Woodland Chapel. We found that burning the body of a dead zombie is the only sure way to get rid of them. I've seen zombies' legs and arms moving around by themselves. Not a pretty sight to see. We returned back to the base minus one survivor wondering if we would ever find any more, or if we were only ones left.

Turns out, we weren't.

When we returned to the boarding school, Joey told us that he heard some rumbling going on above his room. We sent Ginger into the weapons storeroom to find out if anyone was there. She encountered four bandits helping themselves to our artillery. She called for Katie who shot them all on the spot except for one woman who got away. She returned later that night infected, so I had to kill her. Lavian tried to use the special zombie cure arrows on her, but they failed to work. Lavian was crushed. Joey was crushed when he checked the food pantry and found that the bandits had taken everything. Now we must catch fish and grow our own food. It's going to be a tough summer.

Jonathan and Lavian find love.

The two have gotten more friendly with each other every day since we found Jonathan and his son. One day I saw the two kissing in the front yard. Its great that even in the chaos we face on a daily basis, two people can find love. I hope to find love someday. Until then I'll keep hope that someday Sebastian will see me as more than a comrade in arms.

 Great! More Zombies!

Just when we thought we had eradicated all of the infected zombies, Katie returns with news of a secret zombie base located in an abandoned nightclub. We all load up and walk down there hoping that this battle will be our last. There were so many. I couldn't believe it. The nightclub was packed with zombies feasting on human flesh. Jonathan took Joey outside to save him from such a traumatizing sight. Katie fired her rifle, and Lavian fired arrows into the masses. When some zombies caught sight of us, we had no chance but to run back outside. They soon followed, and it was a massacre. Lavian ran out of arrows and had to use one of Katie's extra guns.  The streets ran red with zombie blood. After we killed the last one, we moved all of the zombie corpses back into the nightclub. Sebastian took the propane tanks from two grills outside the club and doused the club's exterior. Afterward, Ginger did some kind of fire spell, and the whole club was ablaze. Now, that's what I call a propane nightmare!

We find the last of the survivors.

One night, two teens and one child knocked on our door. They said that they had searched the whole town and could not find any survivors. They were relieved when they found us. The teenage boy's name is Isiah Gavigan. He verified the story of how the infection spread. He was at his house the day that Tina Traveler attacked his mother. He ran away after his father was infected, and he had to kill them both. The teenage girl's name is Penny Thayer. She was living with her aunt Meadow when she got infected. They found each other and hid out in a small shack on the outskirts of town. The young boy's name is Tommy Ottamas. He was lost and looking for his mother when he found the two teenagers' hideout. They have been taking care of him ever since. When Tommy asked if we had seen his mommy, Sebastian took him aside and gently told him about what happened to her. Tears rolled down his little cheeks. It was the saddest thing I'd ever seen. The two teenagers told us about a small group of zombies camped out at the house previously owned by the bandits. We'll have to check on this tomorrow. It's time to get a little rest.

Sebastian finally reveals his true feelings.

The next morning we went to the bandits' shack and saw three zombies eating their dead zombie cohorts. I swiftly killed the first one with my sais. He didn't see what hit him. Katie shot one of them in the head. Blood and gore was everywhere. The last zombie tried to run, but Sebastian caught up with him. He had a brush with death as the zombie grabbed an old kitchen knife and stabbed him multiple times. I was so afraid that he was going to get infected. Before the zombie knew it, Jonathan swooped up behind, and cut the zombie's head off with his hidden blade. We burned the bodies and waited until morning the next day to see if more zombies would show up. We returned home sure that we killed the last zombies and the zombie apocalypse is over. Sebastian was telling me about his brush with death that day when he said, "The thing that I regretted the most is that if I got infected or killed, you would never know how much I love you." We ended up in each others arms. Now that all the zombies are gone, everyday life can start back again. Everyone was the happiest I've ever seen them. It's funny how the end can turn into a new beginning.

The End!

My Score:
+10 for each day you AND your family stay alive. (10*19=190)
+10 for every zombie you kill   (10*467=4670)
+100 for every successful outing (e.g. Going on a public date without getting killed) (2*100=200)
+1000 for every living friend made.  (4*1000 = 4000)
+100 for every child born (0)
-100 for every family member turned into a zombie (0)
-1000 for every time you go insane (red aspiration)  (-1000 * 1 = -1000)
-10 for every family member dying of natural causes  (0)

Safe house Expansion Scores:
+10 for every townie/NPC you get inside your house until the outbreak is over  (10*5=50)
+100 if they are friends, ex lovers, or extended family  (100*2=200)
-10 for every townie/NPC that dies of zombie in your care (-10 - samantha ottamas)

Total score = 8300

What happened after the challenge?

Post Apocalyptic Build a City Challenge page coming soon!

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  1. First of all.. You start with ONE young adult. You can't have random people move into your household. So your score is 0.