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Sims 2 Legacy Challenge Part 1

Sims 2 Legacy Challenge

Attempted by: Mimi

There are many versions of the legacy challenge, The version I am currently playing is an immortal legacy, a legacy where one member, in my case the founder, does not age to elder and die. The goal of the legacy challenge is to get to the 10th generation with founder and heirs marrying and having children with only townies. This is the Zaxxon Legacy.

Meet the founder, Mimi Zaxxon.

Mimi Zaxxon has just moved to Belladonna Cove in hopes of having a successful career in medicine and maybe falling in love with someone and starting a family.

Mimi falls in love with Ash Lum.

After Mimi got promoted to resident, she met her first patient, scientist Ash Lum, and was totally smitten. Even though Mimi doen't believe in marriage, she finds that she loves Ash so much that living without him is unbearable, so the next time Ash comes over for a visit, Mimi asks him to move in with her. They use what little funds they have to make the Zaxxon house more homey adding a garden, fruit trees, and a small pond.

Mimi and Ash have their first child, baby Alexa.

They are overcome with joy with their first child's birth. Mimi takes time off from work to take care of Alexa and make sure that she gets all the attention she needs before she becomes a toddler.

Alexa has a birthday!

Finally Alexa is a toddler. Ash and Mimi are so excited that they throw a big party for her. Mimi feels that she can't go back to work yet because there is much to be done. So, Ash becomes the family's breadwinner for a while so Mimi can take care of Alexa.

First words and baby steps: Alexa learns toddler skills.

Mimi spends most of her time with Alexa. She teaches her to talk and walk and introduces her to mister potty. Although it takes a while, Alexa catches on. Afterwards, Alexa becomes a quick learner building valuable logic, mechanical, creativity, and charisma skills. Alexa's favorite activity is singing a nursery rhyme with her mommy.

Mimi is expecting... again!

While taking care of Alexa, Mimi noticed she was being sick a lot in the morning. She can't believe she's pregnant again. Ash is so ecstatic. Mimi is happy, too; but another baby makes going back to work impossible.  Mimi, once a workaholic, is finding it hard adjusting to the role of stay at home mom.

Baby Justin (Justy) is born!

Justy is finally born. Everyone is so excited. Even little Alexa seems happy. Although, Mimi is very happy about having her second child, she wonders about when she can go back to work, and if she'll ever reach her lifetime want of becoming Chief of Staff. Although missing her time at work and her patients, Mimi is enjoying taking care of Alexa and Justy.

Alexa finally becomes a child.

Alexa's birthday is finally here. She has finally become a child. Mimi and Ash are very excited and start making plans for private school. Since Alexa is so intellegent, getting into private school was no problem. Mimi impressed the headmaster with her lobster and baked Alaska. Everyone is so proud. Mimi and Ash get Alexa a telescope for her birthday. She normally spends hours before bedtime staring at the sky through her favorite thing, her telescope. Science is her favorite hobby. She gains so much logic skill that she can beat her dad at chess. Mimi has high hopes that Alexa will fallow in her footsteps and become a doctor.

Justy has a birthday!

Justy has finally become a toddler. Mimi, who has gotten used to staying at home, has decided to delay going back to work until Justy becomes a child. Justy is the apple of Ash's eye. He alway calls him "sport" and pats him on the head every time he sees Justy. Mimi knew that Ash always wanted a boy.

Justy learns to walk and talk.

Not long after Justy's birthday, Mimi starts teaching him the basics. First she taught him how to talk because she believed that babies who spoke their first words before they learned to walk grow up smarter. After justy learned how to talk, Mimi taught him how to walk and arranged another introduction to mister potty. Justy's favorite activity is riding on the spring rider. Because he is very playful, Justy spends more time playing on the spring rider and eating mud in the sandbox to spend time gaining skills. When he learns how to work the blocks, he starts gaining logic points, and soon the blocks becomes his favorite toy.

Justy becomes a child!

Finally it's time for Justy's birthday. Now that he's a child, Mimi arranges another meeting with the headmaster and earns Justy a spot in private school. Justy's favorite activity is playing in the bathtub. Mimi and Ash's present to Justy was a train set. He loves to build and make things and has given up his love of the bathtub. Tinkering becomes his favorite hobby. Mimi thinks that Justy would make a fine architect, but Ash wants him to be a scientist like himself. Mimi is happy that she can finally go back to work.

Alexa becomes a teenager.

Finally Alexa's birthday is here. She has become a teenager at last. Mimi has hopes of Alexa becoming an overachiever because she was an A student in school, so she helps Alexa find a job. Alexa ends up taking a job in Medicine because she loves science and looks up to her mom. She enjoys stargazing, chess, gardening, and playing with her little brother Justy. Alexa has one BFF, Moxie Goodchild, and lots of other friends. She daydreams about having a boyfriend.

Justy becomes a teenager.

Not long after Alexa becomes a teen, Justy's birthday is here.  Mimi also has hopes of Justy being an overachiever and asks Ash to help him find an afterschool job. Although Ash is very persuasive about Justy getting a job in science, Justy ignores his fathers advice and takes a job as an architect. After seeing the  disappointed look on his dad's face, Justy tells his dad that he would rather design and build things instead of being cooped up in a lab all day. Ash finally understands and accepts that Justy is different from him. Justy got an old car for his birthday. Ash said if he could fix it up, Justy could go to work as an architect; but if he couldn't get it to run, Justy must work with his dad as an apprentice scientist. It wasn't long till Justy got the car running and Ash finally conceded defeat and let him take the architect job. Justy spends most of his time building things, driving his car, gardening, and fishing. He has two BFFs, Jeremy Falken and Drake Sevin.

Alexa goes to college.

Finally after reaching the top of the medical career, getting all A's in school, and having 3 BFFs, Alexa leave the Zaxxon house for Sim State to pursue a college education. She is happy because she will be living in the best dorm because she received many scholarships and because Sim State has a great pre-med program and med school. After a semester in the dorm, Alexa becomes homesick, but she makes it through with the help of daily phone calls from her mom and weekly visits home.

Love at last for Alexa.

Being a late bloomer, Alexa was upset about never having a boyfriend. Most of her college friends have had many boyfriends even in high school. Things changed for Alexa on one fateful visit home. Mimi had hired a young and talented artist named Colby London to paint a family portrait. Once Alexa's  and Colby's eyes met, it was love at first sight. After the portrait was finished, Alexa and Colby sat in the living room and talked and joked around. Then finally Colby gave Alexa her very first kiss. The two have been inseparable since.

Justy moves off to college and the twins are born.

Just when Ash and Mimi thought they had the house to themselves, twins Merlin and Zora are born. Mimi found it odd because she didn't even know she was pregnant untill she started showing. Alexa and Colby come home just in time for the birth. Being fraternal twins, Zora and Merlin aren't much alike except for their brown hair. With the new babies and Alexa and Justy in college, Mimi and Ash start making plans to expand Zaxxon house.

Zora and Merlin have a birthday party!

Finally Merlin and Zora are toddlers. Although Mimi is one promotion away from reaching her lifetime want, she continues to stay at home with the twins spending most of her time teaching them how to talk, walk, and use mister potty. Zora is cute and silly. She loves to stare at the fish in the aquarium and play the xylophone. Merlin is serious and smart. He spends most of his time playing with the logic blocks and playing on the interactive toddler table. They are both adorable.

Zaxxon House has gotten bigger!

After lots of work, Zaxxon House is now finished expanding. Mimi decided to keep the main house the same and build townhouses in the back instead of making one huge house. Now Zaxxon house has become Zaxxon Compound. Mimi hopes that when Alexa and Justy finish college, they'll move back home and live in the first two townhouses. The expansion took most of Mimi and Ash's money, so now they must start all over with only 7000 simoleans left, but it was worth it.

Zora and Merlin become children.

   Zora and Merlin's birthday is finally here. After a big party, Mimi calls for an appointment with the headmaster. The dinner was a success and the headmaster allows Zora and Merlin to go to private school. The day Zora and Merlin started school, Mimi went back to work. It wasn't long until she was promoted to chief of staff and fulfilled her lifetime want. Zora got a new fishing rod for her birthday, and Merlin got a gaming console. Zora favorite activites are fishing, catiching butterflies, and gardening. Merlin likes to play video games, play chess, and play on the playground. The two of them are like peas in a pod, best friends forever.

Alexa graduates college and comes home.

After long years in med school, Alexa finally graduates. Mimi gives her the blue townhouse for her graduation present. She decorates it to her liking and moves in. She soon gets a job in medicine and tries to endure the long hours. Even though she's very busy, she still misses her boyfriend Colby and asks Mimi if she thinks it would be okay for him to move in with her. Sympathetic to Alexa's loneliness, Mimi told her he could move in, the sooner the better. Alexa is overjoyed and calls Colby. The next day, Colby moves in with Alexa.

Merlin and Zora become teenagers!

Merlin and Zora are finally teens. They throw a huge party and invite all of their friends. Mimi helps Zora find a job. Zora chooses oceanography as her career. Ash finally gets his wish for an apprentice scientist as Merlin picks a career in science. Zora enjoys fishing, gardening, and her job taking care of sea life. Merlin enjoys stargazing, chess, and driving his motorcycle which he got for his birthday. Zora recieved a moped for her present. Mimi and Ash are so happy that their children are overachievers.

Like mother, like daughter!

Once Alexa moved home and started work, it didn't take long for her to catch up with her mom and reach the top of the medicine career. The day that Alexa was promoted, Mimi and Alexa were so happy that the couldn't help but dance. Colby planned a big celebration date for Alexa and him that night. Alexa was the happiest she had ever been.

Alexa gives birth to baby Bella.

Nine month after that fateful celebration date, baby Bella was born. Mimi was so happy she is a grandma. Bella is such a pretty baby with hair like Colby and eyes like Alexa. Mimi buys Alexa a crib and changing table to keep in the spare room as a present. Everyone is so happy.

Justy comes home from college... with a girlfriend?

Justy comes for a visit and brings his girlfriend Bethany to the house for dinner. After dinner Bethany had to leave, and Justy, Mimi, and Ash went into the living room to talk. Justy told Mimi and Ash that he planned on asking Bethany to marry him. He wanted to know what his mom and dad thought about her. Mimi told him that if he loved her, it shouldn't matter what she thinks. He should just ask her. Ash agreed and added "what's not to like? She's really nice." So, when he got back to school, he asked her on a date and proposed. Mimi started getting the green townhouse ready for Justy and his new fiance to live in after they graduate.

Ash passes away.

A week after Justy's visit, Ash passed away from disease. The family is devistated. Mimi is so sad that Alexa is worried she will never be happy again. Mimi calls Justy to tell him the bad news.

Bella has a birthday.

Bella is now a toddler. Alexa spends most of her time teaching her how to talk, walk, and use the potty. Although Alexa does miss work, there's no where else she'd rather be. Bella loves music. Her favorite toy is the xylophone. She loves to sing the nursery rhyme with her mommy or even by herself.

Justy & Bethany graduate and move home.

After attaining degrees in Architecture and Dance, Justy and his fiance Bethany move back to Zaxxon House and live in the green townhouse. Mimi allows Bethany to decorate the townhouse to her liking. They plan to get married in spring. For now, they are working hard at their new jobs.

Bella becomes a child.

Bella's birthday is finally here. She is now a child. She loves to play the violin Alexa gave her for her birthday. She is really musically talented. She can play violin, piano, and synth. She also is a very talented singer. She loves clothes. She wants to become a fashion designer or a musician when she grows up.

Justy and Bethany get married!

Spring was finally here! Mimi set up a wedding arch and chairs by the lake and cooked a huge wedding feast spread out in the dining room. Finally the day was here. It was supposed to be a very small wedding with family only by the lake. After a beautiful ceremony, the newlyweds and the family met in the dining room for the wedding feast. Then off to Twikkii for the honeymoon.

The newlyweds return... with a surprise!

Justy anounces to the family that Bethany is having a baby. Everyone is so excited. Mimi plans to turn the spare room into a nursery. The Zaxxon family patiently awaits their newest member.

Bella becomes a teen!

Bella's birthday is here! Since she is really popular, Mimi and Alexa threw her a huge birthday bash. Bella has many BFFs but she's daydreaming about love. Bella received a sewing machine for her birthday. She loves to design and make clothes, and she also loves music. Soon after her birthday, Bella got a job in fashion design.

Zora and Merlin go to college!

With their teenage years almost over, Zora and Merlin head off for college. They are excited about this new chapter in their lives. Just like Alexa and Justy, they get to stay in the best dorm because they each won lots of scholarships. Zora plans to major in Oceanography. Merlin plans to major in Science.

Baby Milena is born!

Justy and Bethany are the proud parents of a new baby girl, named Milena. Although sad that Milena will never know her grampa, Milena's birth helps to cheer Mimi up. She babysits Milena every chance she gets and her happiness comes back a little more every day.

Another bundle of joy on the way!

Alexa is pregnant again. Bella will have a baby sister or brother. Everyone in the family is so excited. Bella is still in shock. Only time will tell how she'll take the news.

It's Milena's birthday!

Milena is now a toddler. Her grandma Mimi helps out as much as she can. With both Justin and Bethany working in high stress careers, they are thankful for all the help they can get. Milena is sweet but outgoing. She never meets a stranger. Until Alexa has her baby, Milena will be the main focus of Mimi's life.

Alexa gives birth to twins!

Not long after Milena's birthday, Alexa gave birth to twin baby boys named Adam and Drake. Alexa felt that it was a shame that the twins big sister Bella could not be here to see them. She had recently run away to a shack on the outskirts of town with her lover, Dusty Sevin. Since then no one has seen or heard of her. Alexa visited the tiny shack twice to beg Bella to come back home to Zaxxon House. All Bella could say is "My home is here with Dusty. I love you, Mom, but I'm old enough to be on my own."

Adam and Drake have a birthday.

The twins look so much alike that you really can't tell which one is Adam and which one is Drake. Adam is on the right in this pic and Drake is on the left. Mimi is even more busy helping take care of three toddlers. She also changed her career path because she wanted to learn the secrets of alchemy. Hopefully, she will be able to help Alexa take care of the twins and go to work, too.

It's birthday time for Milena!

Milena is now a child, and her personality has definitely come out more. Milena is a wild child with a devil may care attitude. She'll always take a dare when her friends play truth or dare no matter how crazy it sounds. She loves music and wants to be a rock star.

Alexa and Colby enter the golden years.

Now, Alexa and Colby are elders. They refuse to give up their jobs though. Mimi who has become a master alchemist, helps out any way she can. Life for Alexa and Colby is very hectic. They looked forward to slowing down in their elder years, but that was before Alexa gave birth to twin boys. Now they take every spare moment they can to be with each other.

It's Adam's and Drake's birthday

Adam and Drake are now children, and their parents are glad that they have more time to relax. They both have the Zaxxon trademark brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Being identical twins, it is so hard to tell them apart. Alexa always dresses Adam in blue and Drake in brown so she can tell who's who. Adam is smart and kind. He is a lot like his grandma Mimi. He is fascinated with her alchemy equipment, and she tells him what each piece of equipment is for. Drake is outgoing and sporty. He loves playing and watching any kind of sport. When Justy and his dad watch football on the television, he always tags along. He wants to be a professional football player someday. Adam wants to be an alchemist like his grandma.

Merlin and Zora find love at university.

Merlin and Zora found love after their first semester in college. Merlin fell in love with a young art student named Donya, and Zora fell in love with a young alchemy student named Sebastian. What Merlin and Zora didn't know was that Donya and Sebastian are actually brother and sister. That will probably complicate things for the lovebirds.

Milena is now a teenager.

It's Milena's birthday. Now that Milena is a teen, she has become even more outspoken and daring. She still loves music, but has abandoned her dream of being a rock star. Now, she wants to be a lawyer and has an after school job in the law field.

the Zaxxon Legacy Part 2
Coming Soon! 

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