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Sims 2 Independent Child Challenge

Sims 2 Independent Child Challenge

Attempted by Mimi

Learn more about this challenge here.

Meet the Spiegels!

Vesta, a single mother of 5 children: Spike, Alexa, Sebastian, Donya, and Ella, works as a scientist/inventor. She has spent years perfecting her newest invention, the hibernation chamber. This new invention will put whoever is inside asleep, frozen in time, until the allotted period of time is up. She had planned to test her newest invention soon, but her 5 children have kept her very busy. Unitll one fateful day...

Uh oh!

One day Vesta decided she would get inside the chamber and make sure that everything was working correctly. While their mom was making adjustments to her invention, Spike and Sebastian were playing catch in the house. Spike throws the ball, but Sebastian misses and the ball hits the control panel hard. Alexa, after hearing the loud noise from the impact of the baseball, came upstairs to see what happened. Alexa said, "Uh oh, you guys playing catch in the house again? If mom finds out you'll both be in trouble." Ella, eavesdropping in the next room, rushed into the lab to tell on the boys. She screamed, "Mom, Spike and Sebastian were playing catch in the house again.", but no reply came from inside the hibernation chamber. Ella started to panic thinking that her mom was dead. "Is she....dead?" Ella asked. Alexa gave the hibernator a closer look. "Nah, she's just asleep. She won't wake up for a whole month." Alexa replied. The kids stared at their mom lying still in the hibernation chamber. "What are we going to do?", Spike said. "We'll take care of ourselves." was Alexa's reply.

We've gotta make money somehow!


    Once the idea that they would have to fend for themselves sunk in, the kids tried to figure out ways to make money. Their mom's work on her elaborate invention drained most of the family funds. All they had left was only 500 simoleans, so the kids got together to figure out how to raise money. "I can catch fish and sell 'em!", said Spike. Alexa got the idea to sell produce from her little garden. Imaginative Sebastian decided to write and sell children's books.


    Ella got the idea to sell lemonade. "Since I'm really pretty and popular, everyone will want to buy lemonade from me.", Ella said proudly. Shy but creative Donya knew that the only way that she could help was to sell her paintings. With a plan in place, the kids begin their quest for the almighty simolean.

Making the grade... or not?

Alexa and Sebastian are doing what they can to help their brother and sisters get good grades. Everyone's grades are improving, except Sebastian's. His grades went down because helping his siblings was cutting into his study time. Alexa was the only one who managed to get an A+.

Eww! Burnt muffins again?

Ella gets up early in the morning to prepare 5 muffins for breakfast every day. Unfortunately, not all of her cooking attempts are successful. Spike, Donya, Alexa, Sebastian, and Ella are tired of eating the same muffins for breakfast and pizza for dinner. Will they ever get another decent meal again?

A Bountiful Harvest

                  With everyone's skills improving, the Spiegel kids don't have to worry about money any more. Alexa's work in the garden resulted in a bountiful harvest and a gold gardening badge. Her garden produced so many tomato plants that she had to ask Donya for help. Spike's days spent fishing at the pond yielded him several golden trout and a golden fishing badge, too. Sebastian's novels were selling well also. He received over 2000 simoleans in royalties for his last book. Donya had maxed her creativity skill and is now painting masterpieces worth over 1000 simoleans. The only kid who is having a hard time making money is Ella. Her lemonade business failed miserably. She tried writing novels like her brother, but nobody seemed to want to buy them. She spends most of her time studying cooking and fixing breakfast for everyone. The kids have already saved up 20,000 simoleans, so money is no longer a problem. They feel proud of themselves for making it on their own.

Meet the Teenage Spiegels!

From left to right: Ella, Spike, Sebastian, Donya, and Alexa.

I finally finished the challenge! Here is my score:

+72 for each skill point earned
+5495 for every 5 Simoleons earned above the initial 500.
(not counting the 7000 from selling novels)
+20 for each A+ report card.
+50 for each kid who grows up well
+50 for each Talent Badge
x2 for 5 or more kids

My total score = 11,374 points

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