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Sims 2 Post-Apocalyptic BACC

Sims 2 Post-Apocalyptic BACC

Created and Attempted by: Mimi

This is a challenge I made to play after apocalyptic challenges like the zombie apocalypse challenge.
For more info on this challenge, go here. 

We find the original ten survivors still at the boarding school that they used as a base during the zombie apocalypse. 

They are beginning the think of ways to bring technology back. Life at the survivors' house has calmed down. They can concentrate more on their skills instead of always having to fight zombies. Sebastian, Milena, and Ginger are working on their logic skills in hopes of getting the phones working again. Jonathan, Joey, and Tommy are working on their mechanical skills in order to get the electricity working. Later that night while everyone was having their dinner snacks, Jonathan proposed to Lavian. They plan on getting married soon.

Lavian and Jonathan get married.

It was a beautiful outdoors ceremony. All of the survivors were in attendance. The smell of the orchard tree was in the air as all eyes were on the first couple who had found love during the chaos of the zombie apocalypse. They plan on being crafters and setting up a little shop for bartering, but at the moment, they want to concentrate on having as many babies as possible. They have moved into a modest home close to the center of town. Joey decided to live with them, but Katie wanted to stay with the others and be on her own.

Someone is pregnant, but it's not who you think.

The survivors were surprised today when Penny Thayer announced
that she was having a baby. When Milena called Lavian to tell her the news, Lavian was so shocked that the teenagers had beat her to it. She is so upset because she has been unable get pregnant so far. Isaiah felt that getting engaged to Penny was the right thing to do. We threw a huge party for the two teenagers.

Isaiah and Penny got married.

Spring had come again when Penny and Isaiah got married. They have moved into a small house by the river. They plan to be fishers and open a small store for bartering. Isaiah is busy fishing all day while Penny is resting up and preparing for the birth of what will be the first child in the new city.

Baby Abigail is born.

The first baby of the new civilization is born. Penny named her Abigail. Everyone came by to see the new baby. Isaiah is so proud.

A surprise proposal.

Tommy Ottamas asked Katie to marry him today. He hasn't been a teen for long, only two days. They seem to have taken a shine to each other. They don't plan to marry immediately. Tommy got a house in town and they are trying to figure out what their vocation will be. Katie likes crafting, but Tommy wants to farm.

Success! Lavian is finally pregnant.

After trying over and over for a week, Lavian is finally expecting. She hopes for a baby boy who has Jonathan's looks and her kindness. They have began crafting things for their store, but Lavian will need some time to rest and relax until the baby is born. Joey has been a great help since he is now a teen. He helps his dad in his crafting endeavors.

Another engagement? Oh my.

Tommy and his dad and step-mom came by for a visit today. Everyone was talking and laughing, but Joey looked somehow nervous. Ginger was worried about him and asked him what was the matter. He told her that now that he was old enough, he would like to marry her. Ginger didn't know what to think at first. She knew that Joey has had a little crush on him ever since they met, but would she grow to love him? Will she one day look at him and see him as a grown man instead of the little boy who used to follow her around everywhere she went? She had a good feeling about Joey and said yes. They are getting married tomorrow. He secretly told his dad that he wanted to marry Ginger as soon as possible because he was afraid she would have second thoughts.

Joey and Ginger get married.

It was a wonderful ceremony. All of the survivors were there including baby Abigail. Lavian looked like she could go into labor any minute now. Everyone wishes the newlyweds all the happiness in the world. They moved out into their own house and has chosen farming and crafting as their vocation. Lavian"s eyes were full of tears, but she believes that if they could make it through a zombie apocalypse, they could make it anywhere. 

Lavian gives birth to twins.

It's twins! Lavian has given birth to twins, a girl named Bella and a boy named Byron. They are so cute. Lavian will need lots of help to take care of two babies. With three new babies and lots of coupled trying to have a baby, the town of Lesalia Valley will be filled with new babies before you know it.

One more wedding.

Milena and Sebastian were the last couple to get married. They decided not to stay at the old boarding school, but instead move into a new home. They decided their vocation would be both farming and fishing. 

That's all for now.

More updates coming soon!

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