Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sims 2 Homeless Challenge

The Sims 2 Homeless Challenge

Attempted by Mimi

This seemed like an interesting challenge to me, so I thought I would attempt it. You can go to this page if you want to try the challenge for yourself. This page will contain my progress as I attempt the challenge.

Meet Marilis Valentine.

Marilis is the sim that I made for the Sims 2 homeless challenge. She has just purchased an empty lot in the small town of Celestia Beach and only has 100 simoleans to her name. Hopefully with a little luck and strategy she can beat the odds and earn enough money for a home.

We find Marilis stuck on an empty lot with no money and nowhere to go. She spends most of her spare time thinking of ways to earn money because she is a fortune sim after all. She considers working for tips by selling coffee, so Marilis walks to Epicurious to find work making espresso at a barista.

After standing at the barista for 3 hours, Marilis has earn 144 Simoleans. While rejoicing in her new found wealth, she smells something delicious. She looks across the room and notices that a cooking contest in underway and Mimi, one of the first people she met in town, is in the contest. She eyes the plate of blackened catfish that Mimi has prepared licking her lips. She can't stop herself. She leaves her spot at the barista to get a closer look.

Mimi is ecstatic as her blackened catfish is chosen as the winner. Marilis congratulates her and asks if she can try the prize winning dish. "Take all you want" was Mimi's reply. Marilis took a plate full and devoured it. Who ever said there's no such thing as a free lunch?

She returns to her meager, empty lot when night falls and starts to rework her plan to earn simoleans. Marilis figures out how to have fun and make money, too. Be a DJ! So she walks to the Hub and starts working the turntables.

After DJing for 2 hours, the dance floor starts to look kinda empty. Maybe it's because Marilis is lacking in DJ skills. With only 75 simolean made, she notices the packed bar area and gives bar tending a try.

Fed up with the bad attitudes of the general public, Marilis uses most of her savings to by an art easel. Maybe she can make some money selling her paintings.

After a long day of doing odd jobs and painting, Marilis is hungry again! She smells the scent of grilled hot dogs coming from Celestia Park. She makes her way there and helps herself to the goodies.

While eating her dinner, Marilis spots Bella, a girl she met at the hub, and sits beside her. They soon strike up a conversation and become instant friends.

 Marilis asks Bella if she knows an easy way to earn a few simoleans. She said her cousin Jonah who is always broke makes money by freestyling for tips. Desperate enough to try anything, Marilis gives it a try even though she's afraid of facing public humiliation.

After spending most of her time bartending, DJing, freestyling, and painting. She gets a good idea when her friend Suzie asks Marilis if she would paint her. "You could sell these and make money," Suzie said with an impressed look on her face after seeing her portrait. Maybe that's a good idea.

After hours of painting portraits, no one seemed to be interested in buying them. Feeling dejected, she runs into Mimi. She asks her if there's any way to make easy money. Mimi said, "Cooking contests! I won 500 simoleans the last time I won. You should try that!" So after a few words of advice from Mimi, Marilis takes out the book she got from the library and studies cooking. She then heads off to Epicurious with a recipe for grilled cheese.

When she got there, she spent 40 simoleans for the ingredients and prepared the food. Feeling a little nervous, she takes her entry to the judging table. Unfortunately, Marilis didn't have enough cooking skill to come out victorious. Her grilled cheese had been bested by Rex Artemis's berry pie. She strikes up a conversation with Rex for some hints. One thing led to another and they ended up in each others arms.

Even though word of Marilis's freestyling skills has spread through Celestia Beach, she was a bit surprised when she started freestyling in the park and lots of people showed up. Also to Marilis's surprise, they were great tippers. She couldn't believe that she could earn 900 simoleans in on night just by freestyling for tips. She goes home very happy.

The sun rises in the small lot, and Marilis finds herself bored with nothing to do. So she starts jumping rope. It's fun, healthy, and a good way to gain body skills.

After spending most of the morning jumping rope, Marilis grabs a quick meal at the park. Then she returns to her small lot to work on her painting. She knows that if she can get better at it, her paintings would sell for a bigger price. By the end of the afternoon, she was selling masterpieces.

After all of the things Marilis has tried to keep herself going, Marilis finally passes out.

After finally waking up on the ground, Marilis went in search of food and tips. Marilis was freestyling in the park as usual when it was time to eat. She was getting sick of hot dogs every night. She ran into a little good luck when she spots a couple of pieces of pizza left out on the counter. Since no one was there, she grabs the pizza and quickly gobbles it up..

The rainy weather at the park made Marilis go to the hub to seek shelter. While she was there, she decided to try freestyling on the dance floor. Everyone in the club loved it. She got so many tips that she fulfilled her want of earning 7000 simoleans.

Marilis was walking by the Rec Center when she had a great idea. Since her body skills are so good, she should be a personal trainer. She walked into the workout room and asks anyone if they need a personal trainer. Melissa Fancey said "Yes, please help me".

Marilis returns home excited about all the money she has made. So far, she's saved up 12000 simoleans. Her good mood is broken however when she returns home to find more bills waiting for her.

Marilis had gotten tired of DJing, freesting, and being a personal trainer, so every night she would study cooking determined to win a cooking contest. Finally, after 2 nights of studying dilligently, Marilis finally got the courage to enter the cooking contest at Epicurious again. She had found this good recipe for crepes suzette. She was feeling a little anxiious when she placed her entry on the judging table and couldn't believe it when the food judge awarded her with the blue ribbon.

With the food contest win I finished the challenge! Here is a picture showing my total funds and total aspiration points.

This picture shows what Marilis had in her inventory when I finished the challenge. Her inventory consists of only a book, an easel, a chair, and a cooking contest plaque.

My total score for the contest is 85,280
100 pts for every friend 100 x 4 = 400.
500 pts for ever love: 500 x 1 = 500
+1 pt for every aspiration point 82,500 x 1
1000 for ever 10,000 at the end: 1,000 x 2 = 2,000
-10 for every day it took to finish: -10 x 12 = -120

Once the challenge was finished, Marilis got to build a house with the money she earned. Rex and Marilis soon got married. What a happy ending!


  1. I know this is late, but just came across it. Love the story line. Was thinking of making a homeless sim. Thanks for great ideas.

  2. I know this is late, but just came across it. Love the story line. Was thinking of making a homeless sim. Thanks for great ideas.