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Sims 2 Xenophilia Challenge

Sims 2 Xenophilia Challenge

Attempted by Mimi

You can find more info about this challenge here.

Meet Adam Xeno.

Adam just moved in his swanky new house in downtown Celestia beach. While walking around the neighborhood, Adam sees a rusty old telescope in the junkyard. Adam picked up the telescope feeling confident that he could fix it and brought it home to work on it. Adam worked on the old telescope all day, and by the time the sun went down, he was finally finished. So, he put his new telescope on the balcony and began to stargaze.


Adam was looking at the stars when all the sudden, a beam of light came down from the heavens and lifted him away from his telescope. The shock of the experience made Adam black out. When he finally came to, Adam was back home feeling like he had fallen a great distance. Convinced that it was just a dream, Adam went back to his daily routine...

until things started to get more complicated. His memories from that night were starting to haunt him. The figures with green skin and black eyes, the odd experiments, the uneasiness of listening to a conversation in a language he didn't understand and having the idea they were talking about him. He began to research about alien abduction just to see if there was any truth in it. He read stories about human males being abducted and returning pregnant with alien spawn. He thought it was all nonsense. He was wrong.

Morning sickness! Ewww!

By the time Adam was feeling fine and had put all of the alien impregnation nonsense out of his head, he started throwing up in the morning. His mind wondered about the things he had read. Could this be morning sickness? Could he actually be carrying an alien baby?

Yeah, baby!

Adam started to gain weight. He thought it was nothing, and started spending more time on his experto punching bag. He was exercising like crazy and watching his diet, but he was still getting bigger. He blamed it on a slow metabolism or some weird disease  until one day, he felt something move. He shouted, "WTF, I am pregnant!" so loud the whole neighborhood probably heard him. His second thought was what am I going to do?

The next day...

Adam started to experience pain like he'd never felt before. What was happening to him? He started screaming and writhing in pain until he actually had a baby. Standing their with a little green bundle of joy in his arms, he wondered what to do. Adam thought about calling the Simquirer. They were handing out a sum of a million simoleans for proof of extraterrestrial life. Then, for some odd reason, the word Qajirii was in his head. He was convinced that the aliens wanted Qajirii to be the baby's name. After the baby was named, Adam then had strong nurturing emotions. He felt he couldn't give up the baby no matter how hard he tried.

You know what they say about curiosity.

While Qajirii was resting quietly, Adam got the idea to check out that telescope again. He wondered if he was making a huge mistake. He just wanted to know if it would happen again. Boy did it! By the time Qajirii had his birthday, Adam was pregnant again. He then planned to throw away the telescope. He walked to the dump and put it back where he found it. He was surprised in the morning when it was sitting on his front porch. He then got the idea to set in on fire, but the telescope would not burn. He tried to dismantle it, but the telescope was made with such strong materials that he found dismantling it impossible. Somehow Adam felt he was meant to have that telescope. With his pregnancy progressing, Adam decided that he needed to relax and postpone the destruction of the telescope.

Another baby, geez!

The next day, Adam had his second alien child. It seemed that aliens wanted this one to be named Alexii, so Adam named him Alexii. I doesn't pay to upset aliens. The next day, something told Adam that he needed to look through the telescope again. Although he was quite resistant, he found that the urge had overcome him. Thinking that maybe the aliens are controlling him, he went back to the telescope to stargaze.

Shouldn't have done that.

The scenario of the first night repeated itself again. Adam started to feel like his life was not his own any more. By the time Alexii turned into a toddler, Adam was pregnant again.

Qajirii ages up to be a child.

Adam is starting to enjoy Qajirii's company. Qajirii is kind and smart beyond his years. Adam senses that Qajirii has hidden knowledge of things that Adam will never know. Qajirii loves his little brother and helps out anyway he can. Adam is happy that he is not alone anymore.

Another baby is born.

Adam is finally getting used to this pregnancy thing by the third baby is born. Linii seems to be his predestined name. Adam has his hands full. With a child, a toddler, and a newborn, everything has become so hectic in his normally relaxed home. Adam was starting to get in the habit of taking care of babies again. Then he got the urge to go back to the telescope.

Alexii is now a child.

Alexii has finally joined his brother and became a child. Adam makes Alexii gelatin for his birthday since aliens cannot eat anything that is cooked on a stove. The two little boys are best friends and are always together. Adam always overhears the two boys talking in a language that he doesn't understand but somehow remembers, but when Adam asks the kids what language they are speaking, they act like they don't know what he's talking about. Having alien kids can be so frustrating!

Linii has a birthday.

Linii is finally a toddler. Adam is sporting his full baby bump and wonders if his life will ever be as simple as it was before. Qajirii and Alexii like to play with their little brother. They can somehow sense what Linii wants by not even talking to him. Adam suspects that the kids can communicate telepathically. He then wonders if they can read his mind.

Double trouble! Adam has twins.

That last trip to outer space resulted in twins. Marii and Yoshii were their chosen names. With a house full of children, Adam is at his wit's end. He's actually looking forward to his elder stage hoping that it will bring calm to his life.

Qajirii is now a teenager.

Qajirii's birhday is here. Being the oldest child, Qajirii takes more responsibility for taking care of his brothers and sister.

The twins become toddlers.

The twins have finally aged up. Yoshii is a very friendly. There isn't anybody he doesn't like. Marii is a very smart toddler. It didn't take her long to learn how to talk, but since she learned how to talk, no one can get her to shut up.

Linii is a child.

A round of gelatin is order as Linii celebrates his birthday. Linii is by far the smartest of the boys. He can put together one thousand piece puzzles in no time at all. He likes to fish and has become quite good at it. He makes A's in school, so Adam is very proud.

Here comes baby # 6!

You think Adam would learn to stay away from that telescope. Instead he still uses it to search the stars, and soon his sixth child is born. The Aliens chose Moxii for her name.

Alexii is now a teenager.

Life is getting easier for Adam with two teenagers in the house to help him. Alexii also got a job as an adventurer so he can help out financially, too.

The twins age up!

Not long after Moxii was born, twins Marii and Yoshii aged up and became children. The twins only play with each other. They barely even speak to their big brothers or little sister. The only other person they will talk to is their dad.

Linii becomes a teenager!

Linii is finally a teen. Linii is smart, sensitive, kind, and friendly. He has friends outside the family, but he mostly hangs out with his brothers.

Moxii is a toddler.

Moxii has a birthday on Adam's last day of Adult life. Adam is happy it is all going to be over, but when he goes to the kitchen for a snack, he sees a weird container of green liquid on his porch. He took it inside and noticed that it had a note taped to the jug saying "drink this". Figuring it was a gift from the aliens for all of his hard work, he took a drink. He was surprised when he started looking younger. A youth potion perhaps? Who knows. Adam wished he had never set eyes on it.

Baby number 7 is born.

Adam was happy that after a few nights of stargazing he was not pregnant. Dismay came the third night when he was abducted again. Knowing that his child would need him, Adam reluctantly drank more of the youth potion that the kids called Elixir of Life. Then finally, the seventh child was born. The aliens called her Mimii.

Moxii has a birthday.

Moxii is finally a child. She wants to be included in the twin's games and secrets, but they rudely dismiss her. Her teenage brothers come to her rescue and become her playmates.

Qajirii goes to college.

Finally, it is time for Qajirii to go out on his own. He has received many scholarships and sets his hopes on university. He hopes to become a scientist one day. Alexii and Linii are sad to see their brother go.

It's Mimii's birthday!

 Mimii finally a toddler. Mimii is shy but kind, smart, and curious. She looks up to her big brother Linii. One day Mimii was curious to see what snow tastes like, so Linii took her out in the snow. She put a bit of snow in her mouth and her curios question was answered.


Marii and Yoshii are teenagers.

Marii and Yoshii's birthday is here. Since they are teens, their personalities have definitely come out more. Marii is a romantic daydreamer while Yoshii is a popular party animal. Only time will tell if university will be in their plans.

 Alexii goes to college.

It's time for Alexii to go to college. Like his brother Qajirii, Alexii has received many scholarships. Alexii wants to be an adventurer when he graduates.

Mimii has another birthday.

Mimi is now a child. Moxii is relieved that she now has a playmate and friend. They are always seen together. Mimii loves to stargaze using the old telescope. Adam thinks maybe she's looking for her home planet.

Moxii has a birthday.

Moxii is now a teenager. She is happy, carefree, and very popular like her brother Yoshii. Although Mimii is sad about losing her best friend, she now reads books all day and stargazes all night. Adam was relieved when Moxii aged up thinking she would help out, but she spends too much time with her friends and her boyfriend to help out at home.

Linii goes to college.

Linii is finally leaving the house and going to college. Like his brothers, he was an overachiever and got lots of scholarships. Linii wants to be a doctor, so he is majoring in biology. What should normally be a joyous occasion is very sad for Mimii. Linii was the only one in the house that ever paid her any attention. She looked up to Linii and will miss him a lot.

Finally, Mimii is a teenager.

Mimii had her birhday today, and she was hoping to win back her sister Moxii's friendship. Unfortunately for Mimii, the two are nothing alike as Moxii is a popularity sim and Mimii is a knowledge sim. With Linii gone to college and Moxii pretty much ignoring her, Mimii mostly hangs out with her human friends.

The twins go to university.

 Finally the twins are on their own. Adam was a bit sad to see them go because they were the source of most of the drama in the house. Now with only Moxii and Mimii living with him, the house is much quieter. Yoshii is majoring in Undeclared. He wants to be a slacker all his life and just go to parties. Marii is majoring in Literature. She hopes to make her living by writing romance novels. Adam, Moxii, and Mimii wave goodbye as the cab pulls out into the street.

Moxii goes to University.

Although having some misgivings about going to college, Moxii finally decides to apply to La Fiesta Tech. She liked the whole party school atmosphere and missed her brothers and sister. She decided to major in fashion design and hopes to be the worlds first alien designer/model.

Mimii goes to college.

Not long after Moxii left for college, Mimi finally left the Xeno house for La Fiesta Tech. Luckily there was enough space in the dorm her brothers and sister were living in. Mimi is happy to see all of her siblings, but most of all she missed Linii. She even majored in biology just like her big brother. Adam is finally alone again, and his elder stage is as calm and peaceful as he thought it would be.

Thus ends another fun challenge.

Here's my score:

+2 for every alien child born.  (2*7=14)
+3 for every alien child successfully aged to Teen. (3*7=21)
+5 for every alien child successfully aged to Adult and moved out. (5*2=10)
+5 every time an alien child ages at platinum aspiration.   (5*4=20)
+3 when a child gets their first A+, +3 if they age to Teen at A+ (3*7=21)
+1 for every two skill points earned in the family   (168*1 = 168)
+10 for every skill (walk, talk, potty train, nursery rhyme) taught to a toddler (40*7=280)
-3 any time Aspiration enters red   (-3*2=-6)
-10 if a child ages in red Aspiration (0)

+4 for every family friend you have and keep  (4*4=16)
+2 for every family friend a child has and keeps  (2*3=6)
+8 for every crush/lover you have  (8*2=16)
+3 for every crush/lover a child has  (3*3=9)
+2 for every alien child that becomes friends with a sibling  (2*7=14)
+1 for every alien child that becomes friends with you (1*7=7)
+2 for every alien child that is friends with a sibling when they move out  (2*7=14)
+1 for every alien child that is friends with you when they move out (1*7=7)
-5 for every loss of friendship  (-5*1= -5)
-7 for every child that becomes enemies with you (0)
-10 for every teen that runs away  (0)

+10 if your Sim has a Romance or Fortune Aspiration  (0)
+3 if your Sim has a Pleasure Aspiration   (0)
+10 for every set of twins. (no cheating)  (10*1=10)
+1 for every alien child with black eyes (1*7=7)
+1 for a picture of a toddler eating snow (1)
+9 if you have a pet (0)
+1 for every successful use of the Elixir of Life, (3)
 -2 for every unsuccessful use  (0)
+12 if your teen is an overachiever (12*5=60)
-10 if your pet dies/is lost (0)
-10 for any Sim that changes species  (0)
-5 every time someone misses the bathroom (-5)
-5 every time someone passes out. Sleeping in food is no penalty. (0)
-5 for every Repo Man visit  (0)
-10 for every item successfully stolen by a burglar  (0)
-10 for every fire  (0)
-20 for every therapist visit  (0)
-1 for burnt food (except muffins)   (-3)
-10 for every alien child that is an enemy of their sibling (0)
-4 for any other need in the red, except when a baby spits up on you (-4*3) = -12
-8 if a teen/elder is fired  (0)
+20 for every handicap used (see below).  (0)
+5 if you do not use the advantage.  (0)
+20 for every WooHoo your first sim performs between the first and seventh births. +10 more points if he has three kids or more when the WooHoo occurs. (0)
+15 for every maxed skill on a Sim  (10*15=150)
+50 for the achievement of an impossible want from your sim's Aspiration (0)
+20 for every Dream Date the first Sim has between the first and seventh births (0)
+30 for every Roof Raiser party held in the house between the first and seventh births (0)
-20 if your first sim dies of any cause besides old age as an Elder (0)
-15 for ever child the social worker takes (0)
-30 if a child dies before moving out (0)
-50 if your sim dies in adulthood (0)

My Total Score = 823


Once all of Adam's alien children arrived at university, a spaceship landed on the dorm roof at dawn. All seven aliens were returned to their home planet. It seemed their time on earth was one huge experiment. The aliens wanted to know if earth would be inhabitable for their species. Since a group of aliens were successfully raised from birth to young adult, the placement of a colony was then under way. The aliens put Linii and Mimii in charge of the colony. The location of the colony is unknown, but some sims speculate that it is located in a town called Strangetown.

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